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Why Most Forex, Bitcoin & Crypto Traders Lose Money

im losing money in crypto

Are you losing money in Forex, Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies?

You probably are. The truth is that only a very small fraction of people make any money trading in Forex, Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies.

The large marketing firms, brokers and exchanges that promote various forms of trading — from Forex, options, stocks, Bitcoin and others — are working with a rigged system to make themselves a huge profit, while you are sold false dreams.

The average investor like you may already be suffering losses and wondering, “What went wrong?” Or, if you’re new, you may be eager to try out trading and you’re hopeful you will make a nice living. You may also want to try trading out, but you’re intimidated and unsure if you have what it takes to succeed. 

The good news is that there is hope for success, but that requires focusing on what really matters and avoiding the hype surrounding the above capital markets.

Let’s go over some reasons why people LOSE money trading:

  • Lack of knowledge and experience in how markets work.
  • Buying into hyped-up trading platforms.
  • Making risky investments.
  • Paying large fees and commissions on trades.
  • Becoming victims of a “rigged” system that benefits the banks and the rich.
  • Becoming victims of inevitable stock, Forex or Bitcoin “crashes” that wipe out gains.
  • Seeing only small, meager returns, leading to frustration.
  • Falling prey to scams and bad services that over-promise.

Now let’s look at why only a select few very well-connected people seem to “make it” while the little guy fails:

  • They are receiving kick-backs for promoting and advertising products.
  • They have YouTube or other means to promote themselves.
  • They have insider knowledge or engaging in illegal insider trading.
  • They may have a college degree in Finance or decades of experience trading.
  • They may be working directly with exchanges or brokers to receive perks and other advantages.
  • They may be promoting scams or other nefarious products.

As you can see, the few people who do succeed usually have a number of advantages, some of them even unethical. It is incredibly difficult to make any money at all trading any of the above assets or capital markets. Only a very few, well-connected traders are able to make any kind of living, and even they are often involved in promoting certain products or sales.

Keep in mind, this select group of people comprises only about 0.1% of the total market! In other words, only the very top people are making money, while the bottom 99% of traders are losing money.

So, how can you rise above the “muck” and become one of the successful few?

It’s very difficult, but it can be done, if you find the right path forward.

Let’s first awknowlege that “day trading” is something that requires years of experience and some level of education. This applies to stocks, Forex and Bitcoin or crypto markets. You have to be able to understand charts and read them. A good place to start is, a very popular website that offers chart analysis. But we have a warning: it’s complex, complicated and offers no guarantee whatsoever of success. None at all.

If you wish to take a more conservative approach, you can try your hand at long-term investing. This is the route most “newbies” take. It’s an easy way to “dive in” and learn, but also carries with it risk and little reward. For example, many of those who invested during Bitcoin’s explosive climb in late 2017 lost, collectively, billions when the market later crashed. Long-term investments can prove to be fruitful over five or ten years, but that requires a great deal of patience. You may also lose your investment in a corrupt broker or exchange, which you will learn in our article here is more common than you think.

You can try margin trading (very risky), option trading (very complicated and risky) and futures trading (only offered by a few brokers). Each of these is difficult to learn and offers zero guarantee of success or returns.

We’ve now reached a point in our article where you may be wondering,Is there any hope at all?

Yes, there is. But we had to prepare you with the reality of what you are facing. We had to give you the “bad news” before we got to the good news. You have to know what you’re up against.

This article will be updated soon with our secret on how to succeed. For now, bookmark this page and check back soon. Be sure to join our newsletter, as well.

Here is an excellent video from ReadySetCrypto expounding on the issue:

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