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Domainer Elite Pro Review – Learn Why It Is 100% A SCAM

domainer elite pro review

Domainer Elite Pro is not only a useless, fake scam product, it is STILL being promoted by fake “review” sites at the TOP of Google’s search results!

Read below, as crypto expert Steve Dannely unveils how the scam works, and why the product is useless — and also gives you a real, secret tip below on how to get high quality domains for free.

Let’s first take a look at the top Google search results for the phrase “domainer elite pro review” as shown below:

domainer elite pro review

These Google reviews are posted on seemingly legitimate “review” websites like TheFreedomFellow and BobbyDOnlineMarketing — but what you may not know is that almost all of these websites are scams themselves, either pushing the product in question — in this case, Domainer Elite Pro — or promoting a different product.

Their reviews are typically glowing for the product, and as you can see, the “star” reviews are very high in the screenshot above of the search results. Well, how convenient, they’re also promoting the product with their own affiliate link!

Domainer Elite Pro is promoted through a website called, a major affiliate product marketplace, whereby fake “review” sites like those above promote products and receive a commission if you buy them. The commissions are as high as 75% of the product price. They are making money, not you.

Another tactic they will use is to re-direct you to a different product they claim is “better”, which is just another sneaky tactic! Even the most seemingly honest “review” sites use these shameless, disgusting tactics. In fact, in my time searching on the Internet, I have never found a single review-style site for money-making products to be legitimate. Not a single one! (And that is partly why I started this website.)

Now, let’s explain WHY Domainer Elite Pro is a useless, over-hyped product and a borderline scam

domainer elite pro review

Let’s just jump into WHY Domainer Elite Pro is a complete waste of money:

  • Completely over-hyped product makes ridiculous promises that aren’t realistic.
  • Price is a minimum of $67 USD with “up-sells” as high as $997!
  • You cannot make hundreds or even thousands on expired domains.
  • There are already experts who buy the domains the instant they become available.
  • The product is an affiliate scheme promoted by fake “review” websites.
  • Everything Domainer Elite Pro does can be done for free! See below how!

The software suite does not do anything you cannot do with a simple search online! You can instead visit a site called and find all of the cheap, free expired domains you want.

Some of these websites are worth money, and have aged back-links and Alexa rankings! In fact, I recently bought a domain I found through this free site for $12, as it was expired, but it also is an “aged” domain with a SemRush Authority Score of 24 (which is very high)! That is a very high quality domain! Just for $12 for one year of registration! Practically free. (Keep in mind, I have no financial relationship whatsoever with, I simply like the site and its free features.)

Jamie Lewis’ Domainer Elite Pro will, instead, set you back at least $67 for something you can just find for free. The product also over-hypes how much money you can make off of expired domains. It is not easy at all to make money off of these domains, and domain-buying experts scoop them up almost instantly when they become available.

Some more tips on buying and selling domains 

Your best bet is to search for a nice, aged domain and build a website upon it. If you want to find “gold mine” domains, you will be searching for a long time. They are RARE, and they are bought almost the instant they become available. Even if you were able to find one and buy it, you may not be able to sell it for months and months.

Finding expired or deleted domains is not a lucrative business venture, unless you either spend all of your time invested into it, or you get lucky and find an incredible domain that has expired that no one has bought (very rare). Jamie Lewis’ product just hypes you on the possibilities, and completely over-sells how easy it will be. His software itself is old and not even updated, either. There is also good evidence that many of his “testimonials” are completely fake, as well.

Will the other “review” sites above tell you any that? NO!

They just want to SELL you on the product, or a different one, and make money for themselves. None of them can be trusted at all.

I hope this review has been helpful, and I hope I saved you some money!

Remember, there are NO ads, NO affiliate links and NO paid reviews on our web site, unlike the vast majority of suspect sites listed by Google on the first page of search results. These “review” sites profit through product promotions and ads, which mislead and deceive the reader. They cannot be trusted!

You see, we don’t need your money, we’re already successful in our respective fields. We’re here to offer something different: real reviews, real perspectives, from our own experiences and use-cases.

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