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Top 5 Democrats With The Best Chance To Beat Trump in 2020

Who are the top 5 Democratic candidates with the best chance to beat Donald Trump in 2020? A top D.C. insider and former campaign strategist offers his non-partisan expert picks and analysis below of who has the best chance to beat Trump. EDITORS NOTE: This article is frequently updated. The 2020 race will likely prove … Read more

24/7 Wealth Club Review – Affiliate Review Sites Up To Old Tricks Again

Top affiliate marketing “review” sites have gone bonkers in trashing the new “24/7 Wealth Club” online moneymaking training tools The fake “review” sites are up to their old tricks again! The reason why most of these ridiculous review sites have given poor reviews to “24/7 Wealth Club” is because it’s a poor product and easy … Read more

Andrew Yang is uniting YouTube comment sections in a way never seen

Almost universally, across almost every video of Andrew Yang I’ve seen, the comment sections are a sight to behold: Mr. Yang’s YouTube comment sections demonstrate incredible, passionate support, various political stripes joining in, very little hostility or arguing (something many notice), and many people frustrated by media outlets ‘distorting’ Yang’s message. Videos with massive view … Read more

How Do I Buy Apollo Coin Crypto? SIMPLE Step-by-Step Guide

Read our step-by-step guide on how to buy Apollo (APL) crypto coin, as well as more background information on the coin itself ALERT! We now recommend buying Apollo, as the price has dropped – May 6, 2019 Apollo coin (APL) is an extremely popular crypto coin created in early 2018 that has brought with it … Read more

Domainer Elite Pro Review – Learn Why It Is 100% A SCAM

Domainer Elite Pro is not only a useless, fake scam product, it is STILL being promoted by fake “review” sites at the TOP of Google’s search results! Read below, as crypto expert Steve Dannely unveils how the scam works, and why the product is useless — and also gives you a real, secret tip below … Read more

Will Bitcoin Reach One Million Dollars?

“Bitcoin will never reach that level. Ever.” Those are the words of a Bitcoin “insider” who believes due to the function of Bitcoin’s “halving” that the price will logarithmically increase. With every Bitcoin bull run, it inevitably dips, then recovers at least twice was it was at its peak. Just look at a log graph … Read more

Knightscope Security Stock Review – Good Investment? Or A Scam?

You’ve probably seen ads for “Knightscope Security” on popular sites like If you’ve clicked on the ad, you’ve been presented with a slick presentation and compelling concept: the idea of the ‘automated’ robotic security system. Let’s just start off with one positive, and that is that only ‘accredited’ investors are allowed in and the … Read more

The Top VPN Scams of 2019 You Need To Watch Out For

Can you trust your VPN? It’s a question you need to be asking, as the industry comes under greater scrutiny. VPN scams are going to be a bigger topic in the coming years, as the industry becomes exposed. Facebook recently ended it’s free Onavo VPN over data re-selling and user data harvesting allegations, only adding … Read more

Why Most Forex, Bitcoin & Crypto Traders Lose Money

Are you losing money in Forex, Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies? You probably are. The truth is that only a very small fraction of people make any money trading in Forex, Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies. The large marketing firms, brokers and exchanges that promote various forms of trading — from Forex, options, stocks, Bitcoin and others — are … Read more

Top 5 Popular Bitcoin & Crypto Broker Exchanges

This Bitcoin and crypto exchange review isn’t going to be what you’re expecting. We aren’t going to list some “average” sites then present to you a glowing, five-star endorsement at the bottom, like most sites do. You would then be encouraged to follow an affiliate link, so the site could make some cash off of … Read more