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Andrew Yang is uniting YouTube comment sections in a way never seen

Almost universally, across almost every video of Andrew Yang I’ve seen, the comment sections are a sight to behold:

andrew yang youtube comments

Mr. Yang’s YouTube comment sections demonstrate incredible, passionate support, various political stripes joining in, very little hostility or arguing (something many notice), and many people frustrated by media outlets ‘distorting’ Yang’s message. Videos with massive view counts, too.

This tells me the online support powerful and strong. It seems to me it’s just… well, everyone who hears the message gets on board, and not only that, wants to keep hearing *more* of the message and seeks out Yang’s policies. As a result, they become informed supporters quickly.

The only sticklers are the MAGA hat / Trump supporter crowd who seem to inexplicably love the government keeping their money, but they can be reasoned with when you frame UBI as a tax refund and mention all the conservative economists who’ve supported it.

Once you go Yang, you just don’t go back

His message is universal. Everyone can get onbord. It’s not just that UBI is brilliant it’s that the candidate himself has a way of arguing his points that make everyone want to nod their heads whether they consciously want to or not, he has a way of dissapating and dispatching your preconceived notions within minutes by the calm, efficient, sincere, understandable way he speaks.

Check out my latest video on why Andrew Yang can unite both Republicans and Democrats:

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