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Alfa Scalper Real Test Review for 2019 – Scam or Legit? LIVE TEST

Alfa Scalper Live Test Review for 2019
Alfa Scalper Live Test Review for 2019

Have you read other Alfa Scalper reviews and found them to be disappointing? That’s because none of them actually test the product they are reviewing.

The fake “review” sites erroneously ranked at the top of Google search have two agendas:

  1. To push a product using an affiliate link so they earn up to 75% commission if you purchase it.
  2. Or, to push a different product that they make money off of, after they have given a bad review to the current product.

See how sneaky they are? Look below, every review is fake:

Alfa Scalper Live Test Review for 2019

As a result, you cannot find any legitimate reviews of any financial-related products on the Internet. 100% of these sites are using the two methods above. We are the only site on the entire Internet that has no affiliate links, no paid reviews and no ads!

Unfortunately, Google’s algorithms aren’t advanced enough to detect these sneaky tactics, so they rank seemingly trustworthy sites at the top. So many people searching Google are getting ripped off, due to these bad sites being ranked so high. That’s why I created my site to try to push back against these dirty tactics.

Now, let’s get to the product itself, Alfa Scalper.

Believe it or not, I actually LIKE Alfa Scalper! This is a decent piece of software. In a field full of scams and complete garbage, this product really stands out.

It is a Forex indicator and price “scalper” software. It uses the MT4 Forex platform to operate. It’s fairly easy to install and use. It uses 1 minute and 5 minute time-frames, which means you will get a lot of fast trading action and pip indicators each day.

The product creator is “Karl Dittmann”. Now, we don’t even know if that is his real name or not. Karl’s been around for years, pumping out cheesy Forex products that offer ridiculous promises on returns. This is his latest iteration. Whether it works or not is what matters, however. So, I bought it and tested it. 

Alfa Scalper Review

Let’s go over the results of the tests:

First, we’ll show my results trading using my own knowledge and expertise (keep in mind, I’ve been trading Forex for 7+ years):

  • WEEK 1 RESULT: Total Pips 98, total profit on trades after losses/fees, $87
  • WEEK 2 RESULT: Total Pips 143, total profit on trades after losses/fees, $144

Now, let’s try Alfa Scalper, and see the results:

  • WEEK 1 RESULT: Total Pips 131, total profit on trades after losses/fees, $133
  • WEEK 2 RESULT: Total Pips 167, total profit on trades after losses/fees, $167

I didn’t need to go beyond week 2 to realize this product was effective. I was very impressed with the indicators, various risk settings, and ease of use. You can set the software to follow ALL currency pairs, giving you tons of opportunities each day. I recommend using the lowest-risk. 

You may be wondering about how much time you will have to spend trading?

Well, that’s up to you, but to be consistent and make any money, I recommend running the software about 12 hours per day. There are email and cell phone alerts you can receive, which really helps with trading. I recommend also having your computer on and being near it, so you can execute the trade quickly.

Mr. Dittmann has clearly put together a nice little bit of software that appears to use some fairly robust algorithms to spot opportunities. Is it fail safe? No, but you can implement stop-losses on all trades, mitigating losses (and yes, you will have trades that lose). 

The ‘take profit’ feature is also nice, giving you some chances to take your profits before entering into too much risk as the trade moves along. The sales page for Alfa Scalper is pretty ‘cheesy’ but also truthful, I found, in my review of it. Keep in mind, this is not an “easy get rich quick” method of income! You will have to have a good Forex broker set up, pay for Karl’s software, install it, and use it at least half the day, each day of the week. It takes a lot of time and dedication, but the software itself helps automate your trading and give you a lot of help along the way.

Making big bucks in Forex is NOT easy at all!

But there are secret methods that can net massive gains, which is what I focus on in my personal trading. You may have seen risk disclosures, like the one below:

As you can see above, 80.6% of traders — people just like you — LOSE money trading Forex! They never, ever make a profit. Now, why is that?

Here’s the following top reasons why most people don’t make any money with Forex:

  1. Platforms are extremely complicated, confusing “newbie” users
  2. Markets are unstable and hard to predict
  3. Promises and hopes of making “big money” lead to disappointment
  4. “Emotional trading” leads to losses
  5. Lack of technical knowledge

What can I do to help myself make money in Forex?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news: there is very little you can do.

The internet, the web, the TV, all of it is lying to you about how easy it is. As noted above, 80% of users lose money. Of the 20% who do make money, only 1% make millions.

And that’s what people are really looking for, the big time — to hit that jackpot — to make a big living at this. Many would even be happy with a small living.

But the reality is that it’s not likely going to happen.

Remember, there are NO ads, NO affiliate links and NO paid reviews on our web site, unlike the vast majority of suspect sites listed by Google on the first page of search results. These “review” sites profit through product promotions and ads, which mislead and deceive the reader. They cannot be trusted! You just want a legit Alfa Scalper review but instead you’re bombarded with nonsense.

You see, we don’t need your money, we’re already successful in our respective fields. We’re here to offer something different: real reviews, real perspectives, from our own experiences and use-cases.

Don’t forget to read our VPN Scam guide and Bitcoin update!

Let’s Beat The System Together,

Forex Pros

Here’s a helpful video review I decided to add:

Alfa Scalper


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