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About Us

Reviews on search engines can’t always be trusted, and I wanted to change that

For years, as a crypto and Forex trader, I was frustrated with the results I would get when searching for product reviews on Google. I realize Google tries to do its best to list great results, but a lot of scammers had out-smarted the algorithms.

What I saw was a lot of reviews from scammers, who were pushing scams and affiliate products. These reviews were presented as legitimate, but they really weren’t. This is a huge problem in many niches and product categories!

So, I started this site as a response. I wanted to offer real, legit reviews without a financial agenda. I was able to hire a great webmaster by the name of Keith, who had previous experience working on websites like these. He’s done a great job putting together this site!

How we are different and what we offer

I work with a number of anonymous traders and industry experts, who send me insider information which is published through my Crypto Insiders Member Group.

We’re here to help you, and lead you in the right direction. We’ve seen it all, done it all and we know what to look for. We don’t use ads, or affiliate links, because we don’t need to.