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24/7 Wealth Club Review – Affiliate Review Sites Up To Old Tricks Again

24/7 wealth club scam

The fake “review” sites are up to their old tricks again!

The reason why most of these ridiculous review sites have given poor reviews to “24/7 Wealth Club” is because it’s a poor product and easy target, so they believe it’s better for them to trash it (and promote something else) than to promote it for commissions.

If 24/7 Wealth Club were a more polished, well-presented product, these same sites would likely give it a glowing review and endorsement, and recommend it through an affiliate link. The product itself is simply poorly put together, so these sites believe it’s more advantageous for them to trash it and then try to get you to buy one of their other products.

If you go through and look at the top reviews for this product on Google, you will see that 99% of these review sites are affiliate marketing sites, and they have some product they’re promoting or pushing, like “Click here to learn how to really make money” or something like that.

So, they have two strategies:

  1. Promote a product for commissions, give it a good review
  2. Or, trash a product people are interested in, and try to promote something else

As you can see below in a screenshot of the search results, I checked the reviews and most of the reviews trash the product:

24 7 wealth club scam

It’s just the same old tricks you’ve seen before, packaged in a different way. These sites are completely phony!

24/7 wealth club scam

As for 24/7 Wealth Club, let’s see what it’s all about…

The product is actually just an interface that offers various marketing tools, once you buy it and download it. Many of these tools are old, recycled and thrown together from other products you can buy or find online. It’s also NOT auto-pilot, and you have to put some work into it. 

There’s nothing ‘easy’ or auto about it, so there’s very little about this product that is fun or enjoyable.

You certainly won’t make a lot of money with it, in fact, you probably won’t make a penny with it. Plus, it offers a series of ‘upsells’ that induce you to buy more, more, more of their stuff, until you’ve poured a lot of money into it.

They have some additional upsell products like Wealth Academy Pro, Wealth Academy Social, Wealth Academy 2.0. Each is geared toward different forms of marketing, from social media marketing to Amazon marketing, and so on. They are mostly PDFs and other materials you read.

Here’s the problem: none of this is easy

What they’re giving you are tools to make your own products on Clickbank or Amazon. What they’re not telling you is the unbelievable amount of time and difficult involved in making any of these things successful. It’s a full-time job just to get one of those products approved and ready for sale, let alone are you guaranteed to make any money.

In fact, whoever made 24/7 Wealth Club probably had to spend a few months just putting it together! For that reason, I actually hope they make a few bucks. 

The tools offered by 24/7 Wealth Club are decent, but not great. We’re not going to call this product an outright “scam” but the promises they make in the way of profits you can make are completely overblown, promises like this one below:

24 7 wealth club scam

It’s really sad there are so few good products out there

The thing I find most depressing is how FEW good money-making products are available. It’s so hard to find them, whether it be in the affiliate marketing niche, crypto niche or Forex niche.

You’re just NOT going to be able to make any real money with these products or systems. I’m always on the look out for things that work, but with this one, you’re not going to find that.

Here’s a good video review by Alenka on 24-7 Wealth Club:

Remember, there are NO ads, NO affiliate links and NO paid reviews on our web site, unlike the vast majority of suspect sites listed by Google on the first page of search results.

These “review” sites profit through product promotions and ads, which mislead and deceive the reader. They cannot be trusted! You just want a legit review but instead you’re bombarded with nonsense.

You see, we don’t need your money, we’re already successful in our respective fields. We’re here to offer something different: real reviews, real perspectives, from our own experiences and use-cases.

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